What if My Accumulated Mail Exceeds My Mailbox Size?

USPS i.e. United States Postal Service provides various domestic and international services and let users send and receive their mail items. One service that allows users to put their mail on hold is Hold Mail Service. Anyone who is living in the US can use this service if he/ she is out of home or town for few days. Under this service, USPS will put a hold on all your mail items and all the mail items will be delivered at your home on the last date of hold mail. The mail carrier will deliver all your accumulated mail items once at you home. Now, what if your mail items size is more than your mailbox size or if your accumulated mail items don’t fit in the mail box?

What if My Accumulated Mail Exceeds My Mailbox Size?

If this type of situation arises, where the number of mail items is way too much that it doesn’t fit proper;y in your mailbox or your mailbox is full then the mail carrier is let with two options.

  1. If You are not Home: If you are not available at home and all your accumulated mail items don’t fit in mailbox then mail carrier will put as much mail as possible in the mailbox and carry the other mail to the post office. The mail carrier will leave a notice at your door so that you can pick your mail items from the local post office.
  2. If You Are Home: If you are available at home, then the mail carrier will try to deliver all your mail items to you personally. If still, he fails to deliver the mail items then, in this case, number 1 option applies.

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