How to change USPS Mailing Address from Post Office

Perhaps you’ve decided to move to a new place permanently or temporarily for some time. If yes, then you need to report to USPS department about your new mailing address in order to receive all your important bills, government benefits mail to a new address. You will have to make sure that your all important mail, bills, and package are coming to the right address. There are three ways to change your USPS address – Online, via Phone and through Post office. Once you’ve submitted the request for change of address then you will start receiving mail items on a new address and you can easily track your USPS Package to know the expected delivery time. Through this post, we’re going to learn how to change USPS address from Post Office.

How to change USPS Mail address at Post Office

To change Mailing address, you need to go to post office. Pick up the mover’s guide and follow the instruction. You need to fill the PS Form 3575. After going to post office ask the postmaster for the change of address form according to your need. Fill up the details in the form and submit to the post office. It takes 7-10 days to update new mail address. If make the change of address request 1 month before moving then it takes 3-5 days from the date you indicated in the form. You can change your address temporary and permanent for forwarding your mail. Once the change of address request is submitted, then there are also options to update or cancel USPS change of address online.

Follow the simple steps shared below to change USPS address at Post Office successfully.

  • Make a visit to the local post office.
  • Get PS Form 3575, which is available at the post office.
  • Complete the form with all the required information. Make sure to enter the correct information only.
  • Select the move type.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Fill out old address and new address fields with the correct info.
  • Hand over the form to the post office clerk or drop it into the mailbox after filling it completely.

Temporary COA forwarding time limits

The minimum time for forwarding the mail is 15 days. Your mail will be forwarded for a period of the maximum 364 days starting from the date listed in COA form. After that forwarding of mail will stop.

Permanent COA forwarding time limits

Mail sent to your old address will be sent to your new address for certain period of time depending on the mail class. Check the time period for different class given below-


This is how PS Form 3575 looks like:





Types of USPS Change of Address Form

If you want to change mailing address you need to select an appropriate Form from three different kinds of change of address form. For you convenience, I explain each of these forms

Individuals change of Address form

If you want to forward mail for yourself, you need to fill out an Individual change of Address form. If you are living with your classmates whose last name is not same as yours then you need to file a separate form for you and your classmates.

Family Change of Address Form

If your family share a common last name then you have select only one form i.e Family change of address Form.

Business Change of Address Form

File a Business change of address form, if you are authorized on behalf of your company.If form used by the business concern to change their office address.

Change of Address Confirmation

Once you submitted the request to change the address. USPS send confirmation mail in

  • They will send Change of address Validation letter to your old address to validate the move.
  • They will send a confirmation letter and a welcome kit to your new address within the 5 days from the start date listed in COA. You can also check this mail in your online mailbox. This welcome kit contains a confirmation code which can be used to change or cancel the COA order.

When receiving the confirmation letter in the online mailbox, you are sure that yours request processed by the USPS.

What is the charge?

There are no charges for this process, all you need to do is make a visit to local Post Office and follow the steps as mentioned above to successfully change your address.

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