Check the status of USPS Missing Mail search request?

In order to check the status of all your submitted search requests, you need to access the  Missing Mail Search History page in the Missing Mail application. USPS will notify you through emails with the status updates of your submitted search requests. You will receive notifications on the Email which you have provided in the “Whom can we contact about this search?” section. This is why it’s always recommended to provide the valid and correct Email Address only.

If your mailpiece is recovered then you will get an email notification for the return of the mailpiece. You will also receive notification for the expiration of the search request.

Following is the status of a Missing Mail search request. Let’s understand what they mean;

Accepted (received) This means that your request has been successfully submitted and received by the postal service and is undergoing the inventory search process.
Mailpiece Found This status indicates that the lost mailpiece has been identified and retrieved in the Postal Service’s inventory and is in the process of being rewrapped and mailed back to the customer.
Expired This means that your form has now expired. It will be no longer run for matches in the system.
Saved as Draft This means that the users have saved the progress of their request. You can always complete the form at a later time.
Rejected This status indicates that the search form has been rejected. There could be many reasons for rejection such as maybe it was duplicate, or for some other specific reason.
Canceled This status indicates the customer has decided to cancel their Search Form request

So these are the multiple statuses of USPS Missing Mail search request. If you have filed a request then this information is useful for you. For more information please check out the FAQ’s section on We have covered multiple Missing Mail related FAQ’s, check them out below.

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