Does UPS Deliver on Saturday? – Schedule & Hours

UPS i.e. United Parcel Service is one of the world’s largest package delivery company which provides services to more than 220 countries around the world. People use UPS services to send and receive their important mail packages and parcels. UPS is known for providing many useful services such as UPS follow my delivery which allows users to track the packages in real-time on a live map. Apart from that, there are many other services which have enhanced the user experience and made the process of making a shipment a lot easier.

People have many queries related to UPS delivery such as “Does UPS deliver on Saturdays?” and “Does UPS deliver on Sundays?”. Through this post we’re providing information about UPS Saturday delivery, all the important information related to Saturday delivery is shared here. As a UPS customer, you might be having a lot of queries or questions, which we have tried to answer here. Following topics are covered here;

  • Does UPS Deliver on Saturday
  • Is UPS open on Saturday
  • What are UPS Saturday Delivery Hours
  • Can I pick up packages from UPS on Saturday
  • What time does UPS deliver on Saturday

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?

The answer is YES. UPS delivers on Saturday, but only a few selected package types are delivered.

It delivers the following packages on Saturday;

  • UPS Next Day Air Early,
  • UPS Next Day Air,
  • UPS 2nd Day Air,
  • UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • and UPS Worldwide Express Freight packages

All the air packages must be labeled and processed for Saturday delivery.

The time of Saturday delivery depends on the type of shipping service you choose and the origin and destination of your shipment.

Important Note: Please note that for Saturday delivery, you must have to affix a sticker of Saturday Delivery to each shipment. Also, note that the Saturday delivery of a UPS Returns shipment is available with some services in the United States only.

Recently, UPS has made a big announcement related to Sunday delivery. Read this article to know about the big announcement.

Is UPS open on Saturday?

The answer is YES. Most of the UPS stores, offices, and access point are open on Saturdays just like any other normal weekday. Saturday is a working day for UPS. Customer can expect delivery and also pick up a delivery from UPS on Saturdays.

As mentioned that UPS remains open on Saturdays which means a customer can visit UPS store to schedule their pickups etc. Make sure to check the working hours before making a visit. The official website of the UPS is

What is UPS Saturday Working Hours?

UPS has made an official dropoff tool with the help of which customers can find working hours or hours of operation of any UPS store. Follow the simple steps shared below to find the working hours of your nearest UPS store.

  1. Vist Find Locations page on
  2. Fill out the location type and other details.
  3. Select the “Find” option.
  4. Select the icon displaying on the map to see the hours.

What time does UPS deliver on Saturday?

As mentioned earlier that the Saturday delivery time depends on the type of shipping service you choose:

Note: Also, note that the Saturday delivery of a UPS Returns shipment is available with some services in the United States only.

UPS Ground on Saturdays

You can now schedule a pickup and receive deliveries on Saturday as well with UPS Ground on Saturdays. That means an extra 52 days of shipping each year and now UPS is also planning to start delivering on Sundays as well. With Saturday pickup, now you can reach your customers one more day and fulfill your weekend orders on Saturday as well. Read the steps below to use Saturday pickups for a better experience.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Click the link here and log in.
  2. On the Payment Options page, choose the appropriate account and select “Edit.”
  3. On the next screen, expand the ‘Pickup Options’ section.
  4. Scroll down to “Request a Saturday driver pickup.” (Requires a weekday driver pickup to be selected.)


Hopefully, all your queries and questions related to UPS Saturday delivery are answered now. If you have any other question then please check out the official website of the UPS. More such useful information related to postal and parcel services will be added here, so keep checking this site.

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