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USPS i.e. United States Postal Service provides services or deliver mail items to almost all household in the US. It is an Independent body of the Federal Government of the United States and this agency is authorized by the United States Constitution. People use mail services to deliver their important packages or mail items, if you’re among those who use USPS services then you might be having this question Does USPS deliver on Sunday & Saturday? What are the delivery hours? So, here all the questions related to USPS Saturday & Sunday delivery hours will be answered.

Even though there are multiple options available to send packages or mail items, but still people use postal services because they are more reliable and convenient to use. There are multiple courier companies and organizations which can send or receive mail packages. USPS delivers mail items 365 days a year, but the delivery time actually depends on the mail service that you’ve used to send the mail item. Know about the Saturday & Sunday delivery hours from below.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday

One of the most common question that comes to mind that Does Postal services deliver on weekends? Does USPS deliver on Saturday? The answer is Yes, USPS delivers Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail items on Saturday as well just like any other weekday.

USPS Saturday Delivery

The US Postal Service delivers mainly Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail items on Saturday. Priority Mail is one of the services of USPS which delivers mail items in lesser time and affordable price. Priority Mail service provides delivery of Domestic items in 1-3 business and 6-10 business days for International shipping. While Priority Mail Express service promise to deliver mail items overnight. If you’re looking to receive or send packages within a day then avail Priority Mail Express Service.

USPS Saturday Hours

As far as USPS delivery hours and USPS delivery time are concerned then that majorly depends on the volume of the mail item, a location of your USPS warehouse or the place where they’re going to store your mail items or packages before delivering it to your assigned address. So, there is no any specific time when USPS will deliver your packages or any other mail items. Delivery hours for Saturday are also same as any other weekday.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday

Most of the people have this question, Does the Postal service already deliver on Sundays? Well, the answer is Yes. US Postal service delivers packages or mail items on Sunday as well, but not all items. Currently, USPS delivers only Priority Mail Express and certain Amazon packages on Sundays. But due to the increase in package volume, USPS is expanding the types of packages that will be delivered on Sundays.

USPS Sunday Delivery

As mentioned above that currently USPS delivers only two type of mail items on Sunday i.e. Priority Mail Express items and Amazon Packages. Priority Mail Express a fastest domestic service which delivers packages or mail items overnight with a money back guarantee. This service provides shipment to almost all U.S. addresses, including PO Boxes. This service delivers packages on Sunday as well, the main feature of this service is its cost effectiveness. You can begin to use this service at $23.75 at Post Office locations and online. We’ve already shared a detailed article of Priority Mail Express. Visit this link to grab more information about Priority Mail Express.

US Postal Service also ships Amazon Packages. USPS started delivering Amazon packages in the year 2013 in metropolitan areas such as New York and Los Angeles. As of now, the USPS delivers Amazon packages to more than 15 cities. USPS is one of the primary shipping methods used by Amazon to deliver products. Also, Sunday delivery option is available for both prime and non-prime customers of Amazon. As far as delivery charges are concerned, non-Prime customers pay standard shipping rates, and it’s free to Prime customers. For either customer looking for something to be shipped faster, expedited rates would apply.

USPS Sunday Hours

There is no specific delivery time or delivery hours for a package to reach assigned destination on Sundays. The delivery time and delivery hours depend on a lot of things such as a volume of the mail item, addressee area or location. Check the image shared below to know about the delivery timing of various service offered by United States Postal Service.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday

USPS Saturday & Sunday Delivery FAQ

Here is an answer of few questions that are normally asked by people related to USPS Sunday & Saturday delivery.

What kinds of packages can I expect to receive on Sundays?

USPS delivers mostly Priority Mail packages and Amazon Packages on Sunday, the type of packages delivered on Sundays will be ultimately dependent on volume levels. Amazon packages will be delivered to only those customers who live in an area serviced by Amazon Sunday delivery.

Will it cost me extra if a package is delivered on Sunday

There will be no extra charges for a delivery of mail item on Sunday unless you choose to pay for an expedited service at the time of the purchase.

If I send a package with expected 2-day delivery on Friday, will it be delivered on Sunday?

That basically depends on the location from where the package is sent and where it is going. Priority Mail items take up to 1 to 3 business days to reach a destination. While Priority Mail Express packages and packages as negotiated with Amazon can be delivered within a day, so packages sent with these services can be expected for a Sunday delivery.

If you’ve any query or question related to USPS Saturday & Sunday Delivery Hours, then use the comment section available below. We will respond back at the earliest. Keep checking the FAQ category to get answers of all your USPS related queries.

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