How Long Does Post Office Hold Undelivered packages?

United States Postal Service I.e. USPS deliver packages or mail items to almost all houses in U.S for many years. This situation arises many times when a receiver is not available to receive the package. In this case, the delivery person can leave the mail item in a mailbox, but if a mailbox is already filled or too small then he has two options left, one is to take back the package and try again to deliver it tomorrow and the second option is to leave a PS Form 3849 at the door. PS Form 3849 is a delivery notice.

It is not allowed to leave the mail item at the door or near the mailbox as per USPS guidelines. If a delivery person meets the situation where a receiver is not available to receive the mail item then he tries again to deliver the mail item next day. And if nobody receives the package next day then the package will be held at the post office for few days and if nobody comes to receive the package then the package will be sent back to the sender.

How Long Does USPS Hold Undelivered Mail Packages?

Post Office will hold the package for a time span of 15 days, if nobody comes to receive a package within 15 days then the package will be sent back to the sender. The time span of 15 days will get started from the day when a delivery person made a first attempt at delivering the item.

So now you know how long does USPS post office hold mail items or packages. If you find out PS Form 3849 at your door, then fill it immediately, and visit your nearest post office to receive your package within 15 days only.

Also, USPS offers a service called Hold Mail through which you can put a hold on your mail items. Use this service if you’re out of town and couldn’t receive your package on the delivery date. Post Office will put a hold on your mail item and you will get the mail item on the last date of hold mail. A detailed article is shared on Hold Mail. Read the article to know how to put your mail on hold?

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