How to Forward a Single Piece of Mail

Forward a single piece of mail means resend a received mail to a new address. People choose to forward the Mail because they recently changed their address and they want to mail to be delivered to a new address or want to send the shipment to someone address. This is very important service whether you are planning to change the address or just want for single mail. This service available for all Mail class. For you, we sharing the procedure to forward a single piece of mail.

Consider the ownership and responsibility of the package

Forward a single piece of mail is the very simple procedure. Postal service is used to rerouting the mail by changing the address and location. If you want to forward the package, you have to pay for the set of stamps required for shipment. If the package is of someone else then it is considered courteous to ship it the recipient. For this, you have to do following things

  • You have to change the address on the package, but it is illegal to change the Name of the addressee.
  • If you want to reroute the mail of someone else to your current address, then you need to contact the someone who is living nearby to do your legwork. As package need to be dropped to the office or to the Mailbox for reshipment.

Correct the address on the package

You need to correct the address by cross out the current address and write down the new address in block letter below it. You must use a black Permanent marker to write the new address on the package.

Remail the package to new address

After correcting the address on the package, as you written clearly on it, now it ready to be Mailed. Put stamps on the package before dropping it Mailbox or to post office. Before Mailing the item you should check the if stamps are valid or not. if the package hasn’t stamped then your Mail would not be forward.

Charge of Mail Forwarding service 

Charge for this service is variable depending upon the postal service you are using. USPS accommodates forwarding charge into their lump fee. So every user of USPS is paying for this service whether they are using it or not.

Verify the package has been received

It is a good idea to verify the package receiving if you are in contact with the recipient of Mail. Contact the recipient to verify whether the package is received or not within the 2 weeks of mailing. If it hasn’t been received by the recipient within that time, then contact the postal service to know the status of the item.

If have any query related to mail forwarding then visit our FAQ page to Know more

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