Is Informed Delivery available to PO Box Customers and Businesses?

Informed delivery is a free notification feature which allows residential customers to digitally preview the content of their letter-sized mail and manage their packages scheduled to arrive soon. This feature is currently available to most of the United States Zip Code locations, but not all. USPS is working to make this feature available for all the locations.

To avail this feature, you need to first signup at The sign up will be completed only after you verify your identity.

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People have many queries related to this feature. One commonly asked query is “Is Informed Delivery available to PO Box Customers and Businesses?” Read the information below to know the answer

Is Informed Delivery available to PO Box customers?

The answer is Yes. The feature of informed delivery is available to the residential customer whose PO Box is in the eligible ZIP code location. Most of the locations are eligible for this feature. However, there are few locations which are not eligible yet, you need to first check your location eligibility. Also, your mailbox address should be uniquely coded.

You will have to create a separate personal account on if you want informed delivery feature on both residential and PO Box address. You are required to complete the process of identity proofing in order to signup for Informed Delivery on a PO Box. Additional documents (PO Box application PS Form 1093 or online record of payment) may be required to successfully complete the signup process.

Is Informed Delivery available to businesses?

The answer is No. Currently, this feature is not available for business customers. Only residential consumers can avail of this feature. USPS is working to offer Informed Delivery to small business customers in the future.

If you have any other queries related to Informed Delivery then please check the official FAQs section of

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