Lost USPS tracking number and Receipt

Lost USPS Tracking Number– When a package is shipped with USPS service, a unique tracking number is assigned to it. Through this tracking number sender and recipient can track the progress and movement of the package to its destination. This USPS tracking number or ID is mentioned on the outer package of shipped item and on the receipt given to the sender. People always ask what to do if we lost tracking ID. In this tutorial, I going to tell you how you can track your package without tracking Number. So just follow the information to know how to track Mail without the receipt.


In case if you lost Priority Mail Express Tracking ID

If you lost Priority Mail Express receipt then you don’t need to worry because all the information related to tracking is available in the post office. Go to nearby post office and get the tracking details. You to pay to get Priority Mail Service, as offer detailed tracking of your package.

In case if you lost USPS Tracking Number and Receipt

If you lost your USPS tracking number and receipt then post office won’t help in getting tracking information because they don’t keep the record of tracking ID and number. In such case, you need to wait for some time as your mail takes the time to reach to its destination (for international mail it take 28 working days). After that, you should ask recipient whether they get the mail or not. If not then you should go to post office and ask them to trace your Mail. They will ask for some information such as Name of recipient, the address of the recipient, date time. If you made the payment through the debit or credit card then it easier to know the exact time and date.

What if Post office can’t find your package

In case post office can’t find your package then there is one option you have. File the claim for the package if it was insured.

More information contacts the through the official Website USPS.com

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