What to Do in Case of No Delivery of Mail?

If you haven’t received your mail item yet then there might be three possible reasons for that i.e. either your package delivery is late/ delayed or your package is lost or the delivery process tried to deliver but couldn’t due to certain reasons. Now you might be having this question that what options exist in case if there is no delivery of mail. Before finding the answer to this question, you should find out why your mail item hasn’t delivered yet? There are few conditions or events that may prevent the delivery of mail item. Get them in detail from below along with a solution to tackle these situations.

What Prevent the delivery of Mail?

As mentioned above that there are few conditions or situations which prevent the delivery of mail. If you’re facing any of these situations then find a solution of that to receive you mail items on time.

Dog on the premises

US Postal Service promises to provide consistent and reliable mail service along with the security of their employees. Every year, USPS spent more than one million dollars on the medical treatment of employees who suffered injuries due to a dog bite. So there are chances that your delivery service may be suspended due to the threat of animals interfere.

That’s is the reason that it is requested that owners must confine their dogs during delivery hours and be notified promptly if service is suspended.  Mail delivery will resume as soon as the Postal Service is confident the animal is no longer a menace.

Hazardous Weather

Mail delivery service may be delayed due to a hazardous weather. The postal service delayed a delivery whenever there is a hazardous weather condition which might cause damage to their carriers and/ or vehicles. If it is hazardous like weather condition in your area, then wait for some time as postal service will deliver your mail item only after careful consideration. It is advised to visit http://about.usps.com/news/service-alerts/welcome.htm for current information regarding weather related impacts to U.S. Postal Service operations

Mailbox Blocked

Please make sure that your mailbox is not blocked because it might be the reason for no delivery of your mail item. If your mailbox is blocked, then the postal service won’t place the delivery there for a safety of the carrier. Mailbox blockage by a vehicle may also prevent the delivery of mail.

There can be many reasons for a blockage such as accumulated snow, a vehicle, or any other blockage prevents the carrier from reaching your box. In these situations, you may choose the following,

  • Ask your neighbor to receive your mail.
  • If possible then put up a suitable temporary mail box.
  • Meet the carrier at your box.
  • Pick up your mail at the Post Office.

Pick any of these options as per your convenience.

Full Mailbox

If your mailbox is full or there is no space for more mail items to fit in it and no one is available at a house to receive the mail item in person then, in this case, the letter carrier will bring the mail back to the office and returned to sender identified as “vacant property”.

Travel Obstructions

Persons responsible for road maintenance must be notified of road conditions obstructing the delivery of mail. If repairs are not made promptly, service may be withdrawn.

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