How to Send Certified Mail (USA) – Step by Step Guide

Do you have anything more important or secure to send? or Do you want a confirmation from USPS that your package has reached its destination? Sending USPS certified mail to ensure that your important mail items have reached their intended destination. Under this service, USPS sends a mailing receipt to the sender after a recipient signs an envelope or package. A detailed guide on USPS certified mail is already shared, and through this guide, you will learn how to send certified mail from a post office and online ( Read this step by step guide to send certified mail from your local post office and through

Step by Step Guide to USPS Send Certified Mail

Now you have two methods to send your certified mail i.e. one from a post office and the second one is through Pick any method as per your convenience. Each method includes 5 to 6 steps process explained below.

Send Certified Mail form Post Office

Step 1: Visit Local Post office to get PS Form 3800

  • Get a certified mail form 3800 from Post Office which has a barcode on a green and white sticker, this barcode let you track certified mail through
  • Fill the form with all the necessary correct information, enter recipient’s information correctly.
  • Also, this form contains a perforated receipt which acts as a sending proof.

Step 2: Put Sticker on the Envelope

  • Remove the green and white sticker and place it on the top edge of the envelope that you are mailing, directly to the right of the return address area.
  • Leave room for the postage to be applied on the top right portion of the envelope.
  • On a package, the sticker can be placed to the left of the address area.

Step 3: Pay Postage Fee

  • Pay a fee for certified mail i.e. $3.35USD
  • Return receipt (PS Form 3811) cost $2.75 (provides you with a receipt that gives you the certified mail recipient’s signature.)

Step 4: Restricted Delivery Service

  • Restricted delivery service guarantees that a specified person receives and signs for the certified mail.
  • Decides whether you want this service or not. If yes, then simply “Check the Restricted delivery” option with an extra fee.

Step 5: Keep Records & Check the delivery information

  • Keep all the documents related to the certified mailing in a safe place for future use.
  • Make sure to check online at the to see when and to whom the certified mail was delivered.

Send Certified Mail through Online (

Step 1: Visit

Visit to make an account. If you already have an account then simply proceed to Step 2. Tracking option is available on which let you track your certified mail, you need a tracking number for that.

Step 2: Prepare your Letter

Prepare your mail letter in your word processing program. Take the printout of a letter and sign it, if required.

Step 3: Scan the Document

Scan the document using the scanner and then save it.

Step 4: Upload

After scanning, upload the document onto the website.

Step 5: Keep Record

Keep a copy of your proof of mailing as well as the USPS proof of delivery.

Read a complete guide on USPS certified mail to know more about this service. Share this post with people who might be interested in this information. keep visiting us for USPS related information.

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