United States Postal Service | USPS History

The USPS provides postal service all over the United States.It is an Independent body of the Federal Government of the United States and this agency is authorized by the United States Constitution.

The USPS has its roots connected to the year 1775 and from then the agency grew more and more day-by-day.The first Postmaster General was the Benjamin Franklin who was appointed by the Congress Continental back on July 26, 1775, at a meeting held in Philadelphia.In 1847, the agency issued the United States postage stamps, In 1860 the US citizens saw the service of Pony Express.The agency gave the Postmaster General the power of recruiting the officer for the various posts.The meeting also stated that the postmaster can order for opening post offices fromNew England to Georgia.

There are two postmasters who later in their life became president of the United States- Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman.Abraham Lincoln became the postmaster on May 7, 1833, of New Salem, Illinois when he was 24 years old and served until May 30, 1836.He served honestly throughout his period of service.



Transition in Delivery System

  • Steamboats

The USPS has always served the nation with the latest technology to deliver the mail.In 1811, the steamboats were the fastest to deliver the mail and hence the USPS used the steamboats to deliver.The steamboats traveled the rivers and delivered the mail to their places with the help of rowboats and rafts.There were more than 200 motor boats in the service of the nation by the 1820’s.By 1850s people start feeling that there is a need for faster transportation and hence measures were taken to opt a better option.

  • Pony Express

In 1860, William H. Russel tried to convince the Senate Post Office for a better option but failed.Russell with his partners William Waddell and Alexander Majors formed the Central Overland California and Pike’s Peak Express Company.The Pony Express started its function on April 3, 1860, the horses were chosen which were good enough to stand the tough climatic conditions.The Pony Express served the parts of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California.There were several relay stations set up at a distance of 10 to 15 miles, the riders changed their horses at these relay stations.The riders covered approx 75 to 100 miles per day.The charges of the Pony Express was very high and hence the service came to an end on October 26, 1861, after the completion of Transcontinental Telegraph line.

  • The DeWitt Clinton

The first train of the New York, DeWitt Clinton, was used by the Post Office Department to deliver Mail.It covered a distance of 17 miles in less than an hour on August 9, 1831.

  • Use of Railways

In the 1830s, the post office department recognized the value of the rail services and hence decided to operate with the help of railways.On November 30, 1832, the post offices had a talk with stagecoach contractors and hence had a deal to deliver the mail on the railroad from Philadelphia to Lancaster.Since then the rails became the most effective way to deliver the mail and as the time passed the railways also developed and until today it is the most used method to deliver the mails across the country.

Steps of Letter Delivery

There are the steps through which the letter goes until it is delivered to you:

  • Collection
  • Postmarking
  • Scanning Images
  • Barcode and Sorting
  • Transportation
  • Sorting according to Delivery Order
  • Sending it to Delivery Post Office
  • Delivery to Addressee


Since the time the USPS has increased and expanded. The various services of the USPS are unmatched. In 2002, the Transformational Plan released, the record level of the performance has been recorded for the First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. In 2004, the biohazard detection equipment deployed successfully. The establishment of the Office of Inspector General in the postal service by 1988 was a very effective way to investigate and audit the programs and operations of the US postal services. In the year 2006, the OIG has completed 6357 investigations and hence punished the guilty, the OIG has saved $105 million for the postal service in the long run costs. The services and operations of US postal services are being better day by day and we wish it to flourish more.

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