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UPS follow my delivery is the feature through which customer can track their package in real time. It amazing to track the movement of the package live on UPS Live Map. You will get the link via email when delivery of item about to start. Just click the on follow my delivery button. You can see the visual movement of the item in the map pointed through an icon. The map will update automatically in every 2-3 minutes, you don’t need to refresh the map. This is an amazing feature UPS providing to their customer. We are sharing the information on how you can use this service.

UPS follow my delivery info-graphic
UPS follow my delivery info-graphic

UPS follow my delivery service is available to that customer who has registered under UPS My Choice. This service currently available UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Air customers but UPS in future going to expand this service to other services also.

United Parcel Service (UPS) map tracking service will not show the exact route of the delivery Van because it may increase the chance of getting package robbed. After the introduction of real time package tracking service, the number complaint for lost of the package gets stop because you can track ups truck in real time. This service is fantastic but sometimes people face problem in using it. We are sharing those issue people face in UPS GPS tracking.

When do I see my package on the map?

You can see the item on the map after getting a link via email. The tracking map page generated when the delivery truck driver starts to deliver the item to its route. After the delivery of the item, you can’t see the map. If your package not delivered on the same day then you will get new ups real time map tracking link through the email next day morning.

How to turn off the Follow My Delivery alerts 

You can easily turn off all the notification, just you need to login to MY Choice account. After that follow the following step- My Settings > Alerts > Edit > deselect “Day of Delivery” alerts and its done. You won’t receive any alert or message in future.

Why is package not moving?

Sometimes you see that your item is not moving on the map. This happens because driver need take longer stops to deliver the package in between the route. So you need to vary about this as map take 2-3 minutes to update the fresh location of the package.

For additional information try to visit the or call them using this number–1-800-PICK-UPS

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