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Moving to a new address? Then, you should use USPS Change of Address option to inform USPS about your new address to receive all important packages or mail items to a new address. Whenever we make a move to a new place, we inform all our friends, colleagues, and relatives about our new address so that they can contact us or send important mail items. Similarly, it’s important to change your USPS address as well so that it could forward all your mail items to a new address. USPS i.e. United States Postal Service provides various postal services and allow users to track packages through the service called USPS Tracking. A Change of Address (COA) request can be temporary or permanent depending on what type of move you’re making. Both options can be requested and completed by various means. But before that, you must know what USPS change of address is and how to get started with it. This guide will help you in changing USPS address smoothly and easily without losing any mail items.

USPS Change of Address

US Postal Service provides postal services or delivers an item to almost every household in the US. So, if you’re a resident of US and make a change or moving to a new address permanently or just for some time then you must change your USPS address as well to continue receiving all your important mail items to a new address. If you won’t change the address with USPS then all your packages will be delivered to the old address, and there are high chances that you might lose your important mail item. So, it’s important to change USPS address rather than losing important stuff. All the details related to USPS change of address can be found on this page.

Okay, so now let’s understand how you can change your USPS address, how much it costs, how to modify or cancel COA request, mail forwarding, and its type, mail forwarding vs COA, and some general FAQ related to USPS COA.

How to get started?

Firstly, it is recommended to inform or notify everyone who sends you mail about your new address and date of your move, 15 to 20 days prior you move. Then the next step is to file the change of address request through the following ways:

  1. File Change of Address Online
  2. File change of address at Post Office
  3. File change of address through Phone
  4. File change of address through Mobile App

All these types are discussed in detail in the next section. Get detailed information from there.

Who can file?

Only the person, or his/ her executor, guardian, authorized officer, or agent can submit the change of Address (COA) request.  Anyone submitting false or inaccurate information on this form is subject to punishment by fine or imprisonment or both.

Change of Address Options

  • Temporary Change: If you’re making a Temporary move and planning to return to your old address within 12 months then pick Temporary option while filling a form. Initial forwarding periods are restricted to 6 months but can be extended up to 1 year. The minimum length is 15 days.
  • Permanent Change: Select Permanent if you’re making a permanent move or have no plans to move back to your old address.

USPS Change of Address Form

Download PDF

How to File a change of address with USPS?

1. Online (

Visit the official website of US Postal Service i.e. to make a change of address online and then follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the

This is how the website looks. After visiting, move the cursor over “Track & Manage” and then click on the “Change of Address” option.

USPS Change of Address

Step 2: Read Privacy Info & Click “CONTINUE”

After clicking on “Change of Address” option, you’ll be directed to a new page, where you need to carefully read the privacy statement and then click on “Continue” button to proceed further. Make sure to read the information carefully and understand every bit of it.

USPS Change of Address

After clicking on “Continue” button, you’ll be directed to a new page, where you need to complete the following steps.

  1. Move Info
  2. Name & Address
  3. Identity Check
  4. Instant Savings
  5. Confirm Order

This step has further broken down into following five steps. Understand what you need to do, follow the instructions as mentioned below to successfully change your USPS address.

  1. Fill Move Info Part:

The first thing that you need to pick here is whether you’re making a permanent move or just moving temporarily and will be back to your old address soon.

  • Temporary Change: If you’re making a Temporary move and planning to return to your old address within 12 months then pick Temporary option while filling a form. Initial forwarding periods are restricted to 6 months but can be extended up to 1 year. The minimum length is 15 days.
  • Permanent Change: Select Permanent if you’re making a permanent move or have no plans to move back to your old address.

Next, you need to enter when should USPS starts forwarding your mail. Here, you need to enter the START DATE when you want USPS to begin forwarding your mail to your Move to Address. Make sure that the date must not be more than 30 days in the past or more than 3 months in the future. You’ll start receiving mail at new address after at least 7-10 business days.

Next, you need to pick What type of move is this?

  • Individual: If only one person is making a move or if the individuals with different last names are moving then Select “Individual”. If you receive mail by more than one name (maiden name, married name or nickname), select “individual” and fill out a separate form for each name.
  • Family: If your entire family is making a move and all are having a same last name then Select this option. Also, if anyone is having a different last name then select “individual” option. Make sure to fill separate forms for family members with different last names or those family members moving to different addresses.
  • Business: If a business is moving to a new address then select this option. An individual change of address from a business address is not acceptable.

Then click “CONTINUE” to proceed to a second part.

2. Fill Name & Address Part:

Fill all the details correctly in this section. Here, you need to enter:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Old Address
  • New Address
  • Click Continue, after filling all the details correctly in order to proceed to the next part.

3. Complete Identity Check: You will have to verify your identity using your debit or credit card. It will cost you $1.oo. After verifying your identity again click on Continue.

4. Instant Savings: In the Instant Savings part, you can get instant access to over $750 in valuable coupons. Choose the deal if you want and Continue.

5. Confirm Your Order: It’s the final step. You will need to confirm your order. You can also verify the information you have given anytime. Edit the information if you want to change or modify anything.

This is how you can change your USPS address through online mode. Now let’s understand how to change the address at Post Office.

2. Post Office

There is an option to change the mailing address free at a post office. Pick this method if you don’t want to pay any fee, but you need to visit your nearby local post office. Follow the simple steps shared below to know the exact procedure of changing mail address at a post office.

  • Visit local post office
  • Now fill PS Form 3575 which is available at the post office.
  • Fill all the required details in the form correctly. Make sure to enter the correct information, cross-check the form properly before submitting.
  • You need to enter information such as Change of Address for, Select the move type and enter your first and last name.
  • Enter your old address and new address.
  • After filling the form completely, hand over it to the post office clerk or drop it into the mailbox.

3. Mobile Phone

Call USPS at 1-800-275-8777 to change the mailing address on a mobile phone. Contact your local post office and request the PS Form 3575 to be mailed to you. You will have to pay $1.05 as the verification fee.

4. Mobile App

USPS has a mobile app for both Android and Apple users. Download app from the Google play store if you’re an Android user or else visit Apple store if you’re an Apple user. The buttons to download the app from google play and apple store are available below. Click on the buttons to download the app. Apart from the change of address, USPS mobile app offers multiple features such as schedule a pickup, change address, ship online, hold mail, track package, find locations, buy stamps, calculate postage, etc.

download form play store

download form app store

Pick any method as per your convenience. Read next sections to know hoe much COA costs, change of address confirmation, how to modify or cancel COA, mail forwarding, and more

How much Change of Address Costs?

There is an identity validation fee of $1.00 when the COA request is made online. USPS will electronically verify your card’s information with the issuing bank when your credit card or debit card number and billing address. If you prefer to change USPS address for free then fill out PS Form 3575 acquired from your local Post Office.

Note: It is recommended to always use for all change of address activities. There are many third party websites that might charge you fees of $40.00 or more to submit your Change of Address request. US Postal Service will not be able to assist you or offer any refunds for activity on any non-USPS site. Choose third party websites for COA at your own risk only.

Change of Address Confirmation

After successfully scheduling a change of address order with US Postal service, USPS will send a Move Validation Letter to the address you are leaving to validate the move.

US Postal service will send you a custom notification letter or a welcome letter in the mail at you new address within 5 business days before the change of address start date. There will be a confirmation code in the welcome toolkit. Keep that confirmation code safe to make changes or cancel your COA order. Without the Code, you’ll have to visit a Post Office to change or cancel your COA order.

If you’ve submitted the COA online, then you will receive a confirmation via email containing the confirmation code, keep that code to yourself for future changes/cancellations.

How to Modify or Cancel Change of Address Request?

Follow the simple steps shared below to modify or cancel your Change of Address (COA) online. I order to modify or cancel your COA, you must have the confirmation code you received and must know your new ZIP code.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Confirmation Code.
  3. Enter your new ZIP Code
  4. Click Submit.

How do I find my Confirmation Code?

As mentioned above that If you’ve submitted the COA online, then you will receive a confirmation via email containing the confirmation code. In case, if you’ve submitted your form at a local Post Office, then the code will be available in the change of address order confirmation sent to your new address.

In case, if lose your Confirmation Code then it is recommended to visit local Post Office and talk to a Postal Clerk about any changes you want to make to your COA order.

Note: You can’t make more than two changes within a day. If you attempt to make a third change within a single day then there will be an error message that says. “You have exceeded a number of changes that you can make within the same day.  Please try again in 48 hours.”

Mail Forwarding

There is always a confuse between COA & Forward mail. Although Forward mail does the same thing i.e. deliver parcels or mail item to a new address, still there is a difference between COA & Forward Mail. Mail forwarding is basically used when it is desired to forward or resend a mail item to a new address. There could be many reasons behind mail forwarding i.e.  when someone wants to send a single mail item to a new address, or want all items to be delivered to a new address.

Types of Mail Forwarding

Following are the types of Mail Forwarding.

Regular Forward Mail

If you’re making a permanent move or just moving for a few months, then USPS will forward all your mail items to a new address.

How it Works

  • Use this service to update your address, if you’re making a permanent move.
  • You can also use this service for a temporary move as well for as short as 15 days or as long as 1 year. Extent for another 6 months, after 6 months.
  • This service will cost you $1.00 charge to your credit card (the charge verifies your identity).
  • Mail is sent piece by piece to the new address.
  • USPS will send you a welcome kit with coupons.

Premium Forwarding Service

PFS i.e. Premium Forwarding Service is a temporary service that can be used by users for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 1 year. USPS will hold your mail, pack it, and ship it to your new address each week Priority Mail service for a one-time enrollment fee and weekly fees thereafter.

How it Works

  • There is an enrollment fee of $19.35 retail or $17.75 if you enroll online.
  • You need to pay $19.35 for each week of service.
  • Almost all mails are packed on Wednesday and sent to you via Priority Mail service. There will be a notification in your account with the tracking number for each weekly shipment. You’ll be notified when there is no mail to be shipped. Your package should arrive in 1, 2, or 3 business days, depending on distance.
  • Priority Mail Express items are immediately rerouted directly to you.
  • Priority Mail items are shipped to you immediately or included in your weekly package, whichever is faster.
  • First Class Mail items will be sent to you separately at no extra cost.

USPS Change of Address FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are few frequently asked questions related to Change of Address along with their answers.

How long will USPS forward my mail?

USPS will forward your mail for up to 12 months for First-Class Mail, Express Mail, and packages. Periodicals and magazines will be forwarded for up to 60 days.

How long before mail is forwarded to my new address?

After USPS processes your Change of Address request, mail may take seven to 10 business days to arrive at your new address. So it might be about two weeks before you see your mail online.

Download USPS Change of Address PDF

This is how PS Form 3575 looks like. Download the PDF of form from the link shared below.

Download PDF

If you’ve nay question or query related to USPS change of address then use the comment section provided below. We will respond back at the earliest.

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