USPS Collect on Delivery (COD) – How it Works, PS Form 3816

Collect on Delivery i.e. COD is one of the USPS services which can be used by any mailer. If you’re a small shipper or a mail order fulfillment house, sometimes you don’t want to wait for your customer payment and then release the shipment or a customer don’t want to make a payment in advance due to any possible reason. This is where you need to avail USPS collect on delivery service, now let’s understand this service in details.

What is USPS Collect on Delivery (COD)?

USPS Collect on Delivery (COD) allow senders to mail an article for which the customer has not made a payment. Collect on Delivery is a helping hand for a mailer in payment collection. The customer or receiver needs to make a payment upon the delivery of the shipment. The cost of the article and the cost of the postage is collected from the recipient.

A recipient can pay the amount in two ways;

  • a check
  • cash

If a recipient pays the amount in a check, then USPS forward the check to the mailer. If a recipient pays the amount in cash, then USPS collect the cash money from the recipient and sends a money order to the mailer. The maximum cash from the recipient may not exceed $1,000.

The mailer will receive a mailing receipt, and USPS maintain the delivery record.

COD PS Form 3816 Sample

USPS Collect on Delivery, USPS COD Service

How to Use Collect on Delivery (COD)?

PS Form 3816 is used for COD service, refer to the image shared above. You need to avail the USPS PS Form 3816 from the nearest post office and then attach it to the mail piece.

Mailers must complete barcoded Form 3816 and attach it either above the delivery address and to the right of the return address, or to the left of the delivery address on parcels. If more than three articles are sent at a time, the mailer may use Form 3816-AS.

Make sure you do not drop it in just any mailbox. Sent it through a rural carrier or carry it personally to the post office.

There are a few eligibility requirements which must be fulfilled to avail this service such as the shipment should be ordered by the addressee and the maximum amount of shipment should not exceed $1000. Below you can all eligibility requirements for COD service.

Eligibility for Collect on Delivery Service

Collect on Delivery service can be used for many mail classes such as Priority Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and any Package Services. Following are the conditions which must be fulfilled.

  • The mail should have the complete name and address of the mailer and addressee.
  • The item should be ordered by the addressee.
  • The mailer guarantees to pay any return postage, unless otherwise specified on the mail.

What are the Additional Mail Services eligible with COD?

With Collect on Delivery service, customers can further purchase other services such as return receipt or restricted delivery. Here are additional service which can be combined with COD. There is an additional service fee which has to paid to add any of these services.

  • Return Receipt
  • Restricted Delivery
  • Delivery Confirmation (not available with Express Mail COD).
  • Registered mail.
  • Signature Confirmation.
  • Special handling

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