USPS Holidays 2019 – US Postal Post Office Schedule & Hours

USPS Holidays 2019: USPS i.e. United States Postal Service delivers mail packages in the United States and over 220 countries. USPS Post Offices employees work hard to make mail services as smooth as possible. If you use any mail service of USPS then you must check out Post Office Holidays 2019 in order to know the days on which the post offices are closed or the mail delivery won’t take place. Post Offices are closed on Sundays i.e. USPS observe a holiday on Sunday. Apart from that, there are a few other holidays as well which are observed. The list of USPS observed holidays in the year 2019 is shared below.

USPS Post Office Holidays 2019

Here is a list of holidays on which the post offices are closed.

Date Holidays
Tuesday, January 1 New Year’s Day
Monday, January 21 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, February 18 Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 27 Memorial Day
Thursday, July 4 Independence Day
Monday, September 2 Labor Day
Monday, October 14 Columbus Day
Monday, November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day
Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day

Each holiday has a history behind it and there is a reason why they are observed. For an instance, Independence Day is celebrated across the country to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence from British rule. Similarly, all other federal holidays are observed for some reason.

Also note that New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Day are observed on the same calendar date each year while the date of other holidays keeps on changing every year.

Important Articles;

USPS Observes all the federal holidays. In the United States, a federal holiday is an authorized holiday which has been recognized by the US government. All the federal government offices are closed on these holidays and federal employees are paid for the holidays.

There is one important thing that you should understand about federal holidays,

If a federal holiday falls on a weekend then that holiday will be observed on the closest weekday (e.g. a holiday falling on a Saturday is observed on the preceding Friday, while a holiday falling on a Sunday is observed on the succeeding Monday).

Does USPS Deliver on Holidays?

A Postal Holiday is a federal holiday which is recognized by the United States Postal Service. No Mail is delivered on these holidays.

Although it’s a day for letter carriers and postal worker, but some might have to work on holidays as well, such as clerks dispatching mail, or those working in plant distribution facilities. Some plant facilities operate 365 days a year.

If a postal holiday falls on Sunday then it is observed on Monday.

People around the world use USPS mail services to send their important mail items & packages. You must check out the USPS Holiday Calendar before preparing your shipment.

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