USPS Holidays 2020 – List of Post Office Holidays in 2020

USPS Holidays 2020: USPS i.e. United States Postal Service provides mail and shipping services in the United States and across 220 countries. If you are using USPS mail services then you must be aware of USPS holidays, working hours, open/ closed status, etc. Through this post, we’re talking about the list of USPS or postal holidays in the year 2020. Check the table shared below to find out the days on which the post offices will be closed.

List of USPS Postal Holidays 2020

Here is a complete list of Federal holidays on which the post offices are closed. As a USPS service customer or user, you must be aware of holidays on which the mail & delivery services are closed. Check out the holidays below and then prepare your shipment keeping them into consideration. Each holiday has a history behind it. If you want to know the reason behind each holiday then visit and then search for a holiday you want to know about.

No Date Week Day Holiday
1 January – 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
2 January – 20 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
3 February – 17 Monday Washington’s birthday
4 May – 25 Monday Memorial Day
5 July – 4 Saturday Independence Day
6 September – 7 Monday Labor Day
7 October – 12 Monday Columbus Day
8 November – 11 Wednesday Veterans’ Day*
9 November – 26 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
10 December – 25 Friday Christmas Day

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The important thing to note about the Federal Holidays

As you can see that there a total of 10 holidays.

The same holidays are observed every year. However, the date and day keep on changing every year.

Out of these Four holidays are observed on the same date every year i.e. New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Day.

Rest six holidays are the floating holidays i.e. their date is not fixed.

It is also important to note that, if a holiday falls on a Saturday then it will be observed on a preceding Friday, but if a federal employee is working on Saturday, then Friday will be a regular workday and the holiday will be observed on Saturday only. Holidays that fall on a Sunday are observed by federal workers on the following Monday.

For instance, this year, Independence Day is on Saturday which means that there will be a federal holiday on Friday i.e. July 3, 2020.

Download US Post Office Holiday Calendar 2020

Here you can find USPS holidays 2020 calendar. Download the calendar to keep yourself reminded about the USPS holidays.

USPS holidays 2020, Federal Holidays 2020, 2020 Federal Holiday Calendar

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