USPS International Mail Service – Cost, Tracking

The USPS International Mail service was given a new structure in May 2007. The changes were done to have similarity between the domestic shipping options and International shipping options.Formerly, USPS International Services were categorized as Airmail(Letter Post),  Airmail (Letter Post), Economy (Surface) Parcel Post, Airmail Parcel Post, Global Priority, Global Express, and Global Express Guaranteed Mail. The former Airmail (Letter Post) is now First-Class Mail International and includes small packages weighing up to four pounds (1.8 kg). Economy Parcel Post was discontinued for international service, while Airmail Parcel Post was replaced by Priority Mail International.

Priority Mail International Flat-Rate packaging in various sizes was introduced, with the same conditions of service previously used for Global Priority. Global Express is now Express Mail International, while Global Express Guaranteed is unchanged. The international mailing classes with a tracking ability are Express, Express Guaranteed, and Priority (except that tracking is not available for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Boxes).

The USPS provides parcel service internationally by FedEx, which is another big name in when it comes to mail service or parcel. The USPS provides an M-Bag service for Printed matter which is to be sent abroad. M-Bags are the “direct sacks of printed matter sent to a single foreign addressee at a single address”. The letter M- in M-Bags is sometimes considered as an abbreviation for Media(as it may also contain discs, tapes, and cassettes) and sometimes for Mail Bags.

USPS International Mail Services

The USPS international service offers various mail services options which may vary from low to high cost and in services too.The services are:

Global Express Guaranteed(GXG)

The fastest service of USPS which guarantees to international delivery within a certain date or else Money-back guarantee.This service is available for more than 180 countries.International Transportation and Delivery is provided by the FedEx.This service starts with $62.95 at post offices and online.It takes 1-3 business days to deliver your shipment internationally.

Priority Mail Express International

This service is affordable in comparison with GXG.This service is fast and international delivery is available for more than 180 countries.Money-back guarantee is also available for not an on-time delivery of shipment but for selected destinations.Fla rate International shipping prices and free shipping supplies are available.Thi service starts with $40.95 at a post office and online.The delivery of your shipment is done between 3-5 days, depends on the destination.

Priority Mail International

This service is a reliable and an affordable way to send your mail and packages.This service is available for more than 180 countries and get Flat Rate International shipping pricing and free shipping supplies.It starts with $23.95 at post offices locations and online.Choosing this service will take 6-10 business days to deliver your shipment to the destination.

First-Class Mail International

This is a special kind of service which is offered by USPS.Through this service, you can only send Postcards, Envelopes, and Flats.Although it is the most affordable service.You can send anything up to 4lbs(1.8kg but not exceed $400 in value) to more than 180 countries.It starts with a little amount of $1.15 at a Post Office only.

First-Class Package International Service

With this service, you can send mailpieces up to 4lbs(1.8kg but not more than $400 in value).But, it is available only for some countries.This service starts with $9.50 at a post office and online.

Airmail M-Bags

It is the most affordable way to send large amounts of printed material(including CDs, cassettes, and tapes) internationally.This service starts with $46.20.The delivery of your shipment varies by the destination.

Tracking USPS  International Mail Service

You can track your shipment according to the plan you have taken while shipping the item.The International Shipment have limited tracking unless you have chosen a method that provides further details while the shipment.The track and confirm tool only allows you to confirm the status and location of your item.

The following International services offer to track:

  • Priority Mail International

You cannot track Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box

  • Express Mail International
  • First-Class Package International
  • Global Express Guaranteed

Steps to Track:

  1. Hold on your receipt.There must be a tracking number or Label number on your receipt.
  2. Enter your tracking number in the Box.Press Enter.
  3. You will get the status of your shipment.


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