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USPS Mail Distribution System: Want to know what pattern does USPS follow while distributing mail? Many people are curious to know the process that each letter or mail item goes through before reaching a destination. There are tons of question queries related to this topic and that’s why we’ve covered this topic. Please read the information shared below to know how this process of sending & receiving letters or mail items actually works.

What Pattern does USPS follow while distributing Mail?

Here is the simple pattern that US Postal Service follow to deliver the mail items or packages or letters to any address.

  • First of all, a lpostal carrier collect a letter and then mail for a city goes to a central distribution center.
  • At the distribution center, mail is sorted to stations and branches. Mail is sent to the stations and branches.
  • At the stations and branches, mail is sorted to the letter carriers.
  • The letter carriers deliver to the house and businesses.

Next section elaborates this process and gives a detailed information on how a letter travels from one destination to another or how many processes a letter actually goes through before reaching its destination.

How a Letter Travels?

Let’s understand the complete process of how letter travels from sender to receiver.

  • A customer or user deposit a letter in a collection box from where it is collected by a postal carrier. A postal carrier collects all the mail and takes them to the post office. Then all the collected letter, mail items are taken to a mail processing point.
  • Then the letters are separated from large envelopes and packages through the culling process with the help of machines. The machine applies a postmark with the date and place where the letter was sorted and cancellation lines so the stamp cannot be reused, in order to protect postal revenue.
  • There is a code consisting of a series of florescent bars imprinted on the back of every letter. Then the address is scanned by an optical character reader. Then all the letters are placed in trays and moved to the next piece of automated equipment for barcode application.
  • Then a barcode is placed on the front of the letter which consists of-of tall and short bars for further sorting. Then letters are identified on the basis of ZIP codes.
  • Then the letters are placed with other mail for that are in the same ZIP code range and placed in a tray, then a tray is taken across the country through a plane. Then postal workers take the letter to the mail processing plant that serves the post office of that ZIP code region
  • Then the letters are separated for a specific ZIP code from the other letters in the ZIP code range. Then the delivery barcode sort the letter into the order of delivery.
  • Then the mails are taken to the Post Office by truck from where the process of delivering letters to a particular address starts.


What are USPS Distribution Centers?

The United States Postal System currently has 21 NDCs (listed with the first three digits of the ZIP Code where they are located): Check the list of United States post offices here.

  • Atlanta NDC, Atlanta, Georgia (303)
  • Chicago NDC, Forest Park, Illinois (601)
  • Denver NDC, Denver, Colorado (802)
  • Des Moines NDC, Des Moines, Iowa (503)
  • Cincinnati NDC, Cincinnati, Ohio (452)
  • Dallas NDC, Dallas, Texas (753)
  • Kansas City NDC, Kansas City, Kansas (661)
  • Los Angeles NDC, Bell, California (902)
  • Memphis NDC, Memphis, Tennessee (381)
  • Minneapolis Saint Paul NDC, Eagan, Minnesota (551)
  • Pittsburgh NDC, Warrendale, Pennsylvania (150)
  • San Francisco NDC, Richmond, California (948)
  • New Jersey NDC, Jersey City, New Jersey (070)
  • Detroit NDC, Detroit, Michigan (481)
  • Greensboro NDC, Greensboro, North Carolina (274)
  • Jacksonville NDC, Jacksonville, Florida (320)
  • Saint Louis NDC, Hazelwood, Missouri (630)
  • Washington NDC, Capitol Heights, Maryland (207)
  • Philadelphia NDC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (191)
  • Seattle NDC, Federal Way, Washington (980)
  • Springfield NDC, Springfield, Massachusetts (011)

This is how the USPS Mail Distribution System works and you get your important mail items or packages. Use the comment section, if you have any question or query related to USPS Mail distribution system. Follow us on Twitter for continuous updates and news related to US Postal Service.

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