How to Schedule a USPS Pickup | Request Refund

USPS Pickup: Now there is no need to visit a Post Office to send mail item, packages, and parcels. All you need to do is Schedule a free Pickup and USPS will get your shipment during regular delivery.

Apart from providing multiple mail & shipping services, USPS also provides a free pickup service. To schedule a free pickup, you need to visit, log in to your account (If you don’t have an account then Create an Account here). A login is required only if you want to schedule multiple shipments or want a specific pickup time.

Steps to Schedule a USPS Pickup

Follow the six-step process from below to understand how you can schedule a free pickup successfully. Read the following information to understand how this works:

Visit this link to get official USPS Pickup Schedule Page.

Step 1: Where Should we pick up?

Enter all the *marked information correctly:

  • First Name & Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address, Email Address
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Click on “Check Availability”


USPS Pickup

Step 2: Is there any dog at this address

If a service is available in your name, then proceed to step 2. For safety precautions, you need to mention whether there is any dog at your address or not.

USPS Pickup

Step 3: Where Should USPS look for Shipment

Under this step, select a place where your shipment will be available so that it would be easier for a carrier to find the shipment.

USPS Pickup

Step 4: Time

There is no charge for pickup during regular mail delivery. However, if you want a specific pickup window, then you need to sign with your account and pay $22 per pickup.

USPS Pickup

Step 5: Mention Pickup Date

Mention the date on which you want USPS to pick your shipment. To schedule multiple shipments, you need to sign in to your account.

USPS Pickup

Step 6: Mention Number of Items

Mention the number of items, their estimated weight, and at last click on “Schedule a Pickup” button.

USPS Pickup

This is how you can schedule a pickup. Make sure to provide all the correct information.

How to Edit a Schedule Pickup

Visit this link, then enter your Confirmation Number, Email address or phone number to edit a Schedule pickup.

Request a Refund

You need to Fill Refund Form in order to request a pickup on order refund. Make sure to enter all the required information correctly in the form. Cross-check the information once before clicking on “Submit” button.

Hopefully, this information helps, if you have any other query or question related to this topic then do let us know through the comment section. We will reply back at the earliest.

If you’ve any question or query related to USPS Pickup, then browse USPS FAQ’s section. Keep visiting us for more information related to United States Postal Service.

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