USPS Post office change of address FAQ

Changing of the address is the big task, need a proper planning and a lot of work. When you are moving to a new address, within the state or to another state you always need to consider a lot of things. The solution for the some of the frequently asked question related to USPS Post office change of address is given below. Read them carefully to protect your identity throughout the address changing process.

How to file for Change of Address

The most simple way to change the address is the postal service. Go to your local post office and ask them for a change of address form fill it and return it to post office or download the form and send it through your mail carrier at no cost. Post office recommends the submit the COA form two weeks earlier from your move to ensure the no missing delivery.

How much time it takes to start Mail Forwarding

When submitting your COA request to post office it takes 7-10 days to process your request. So make COA request from 2 weeks prior, you move to the new address.

How long is the change of address mail forwarded

Mail Forwarding -USPS forward your mail to new Mail address for a period of 12 months from the date you submitted the COA request to post office. The post office will return all the undelivered mail to the sender with the notification of your new mailing address. You have the opportunity to update your Mail address with all your Mail senders. After the period the of 12 months your Mail will be returned to the sender without any notice of nondelivery. So update your address within one year with all sources of Mail.

Where else does my address need to be updated

USPS forward most of the Mail with no issues. You need to update your address with your Banks, utility companies and anywhere else you send Mail and also notify your relative and friends about your new address to avoid the missing of the important invitation.

Change of Address request Confirmation

Most of the people have this question, how I know the wheater COA request processed or not. You don’t need to vary about confirmation as Post office will notify you. The post office will send you a Move Validation Letter to the old address to validate yours move. USPS also send a confirmation letter to your new address with a Welcome Kit within 5 working days before the COA start date.

Change of Address for multiple people in a household

  • If some member of a household with same last are moving, others are staying, in this case, you need to fill out separate form for  each member who is moving With “Individual” option
  • If the members who are moving to new address have different last name, then they need to fill out a separate form for each member whoever is moving, using the “individual” option.
  • In case all member of a family with same last name are moving, need to fill only one form using “Family” option

USPS Change of Address Charge

There is no charge on filling the Change of address request from Post office. But if you making a request through phone or online, you need pay small amount to USPS for this service.

Change of Address Option

There is two change of address option Permanent and Temporary. Both options can be requested by filling out the PS Form 3575 obtained from local post office. PS Form 3575 cannot be printed from home computer, you need to go to your local post office to obtain the COA form.

That’s all about the USPS Post office change of address FAQ, hope you like the information. For other such guides to USPS service and process i.e How to Stop or Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding | Update, Modify.

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