How Does USPS Restricted Delivery Works – Cost, Meaning, how to use

USPS offers a service called USPS Restricted Delivery which allows mailer to direct delivery to a specific person i.e. only an assigned authorized person can accept the delivery. If you’re are sending any package with sensitive mail such as a classified document, legal document, important contracts etc then use restricted delivery service to ensure that only an authorized person will receive the delivery.

The recipient has to provide identification proof in order to receive the delivery. For extra security, you can use restricted delivery service along with signature confirmation to receive a copy of the signature of the recipient.

What is a USPS Restricted Delivery?

Restricted Delivery allows the mailer to send or direct delivery only to a specific person or his/ her authorized agent. This type of services is suitable when you’re sending any confidential package which needs to be seen by a specific addressee only.

USPS carrier will first check the identity of the recipient or agent and a mail will be delivered after identification verification only. This service gives mailer a surety that a package has reached & received by the authorized addressee only.

Also, note that Restricted Delivery does not provide any insurance against damage or loss, no guaranteed delivery time, no expedited delivery, no signature receipt unless you purchased it as an additional service.

USPS Cost of Restricted Delivery Service

This service from the USPS costs about $5.05 per mail piece.

Who can Receive Restricted Mail Delivery?

How to Use USPS Restricted Delivery?

In order to use the restricted mail delivery user, you can either

  • tell the post office clerk that you want to purchase this service
  • or else mark your mail “Restricted Delivery” at the time you hand it over to the clerk.

This notification should be placed above the delivery address and to the right of the return address.

Restricted Delivery service can be used for the following mail classes:

This service is available with a few selective mailing services;

How do I authorize someone else to receive the Restricted Delivery?

If you want your agent or someone else to receive a restricted mail delivery, then you should visit your local post office to complete the PS Form 3801 or send a letter to the postmaster. The recipient can also “authorize” a person to receive the mailpiece by completing the Attempted Delivery Notice, PS Form 3849.

PS Form 3801 – Standard Delivery Order

Download PDF

PS Form 3849 Delivery Notice/ Reminder/ Receipt

USPS Restricted Delivery

USPS Restricted Delivery


If you have any confidential package to send then use this service to authorize a specific person or addressee to receive a delivery. You can use this service along with signature confirmation to receive a copy of the recipient’s signature.

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