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People using USPS services might come across this question “Does USPS Deliver on Sunday” or “Is the Post Office open on Sundays?” As you all know that USPS is a postal service which allows people to send their important mail items & packages across the United States and more than 220 countries across the world.

Here you will get the answer to all your USPS Sunday Delivery related queries. Read the information below to know whether USPS delivers on Sunday or not.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

The answer is Yes, but only Priority Mail Express items and Amazon Packages are delivered on Sunday. Apart from these no other packages are delivered on Sunday.

If you have Amazon package or Priority Mail express package then you can expect a mail delivery, else not.

Other Important Reads:

What Time does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

There is no specific time or hours for delivery. That actually depends on your location and volume of the mail items. Below you can check out delivery timings of USPS mail services. Out of these services, only Priority Mail express packages are delivered on Sundays.


Does USPS Deliver on Sunday, USPS Sunday Delivery


Is the Post Office Closed on Sunday?

Mostly, the post offices are closed on Sundays. However, a few exceptions are there. Some post offices might open on Sunday to handle the large mail volume before the holidays.

Most of the post offices have a drop slot which means you can leave your mail even if the post office is closed.

Does USPS Deliver Amazon on Sunday?

The answer is Yes. USPS deliver Amazon packages on Sundays as well.

The delivery of mail takes place on Sundays for all the Amazon customer. If you’re amazon prime customer then you can enjoy the Sunday Delivery for free while non-prime customers pay standard shipping rates.

Amazon uses USPS as their primary shipping methods. USPS started delivery Amazon packages since 2013. Currently, USPS delivers Amazon Packages to most of the United States addresses.

Is Regular Mail Delivered on Sunday?

The answer is No, Only Priority Mail Express items and Amazon Packages are delivered on Sunday.

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