USPS Tracking Not Updated – My Tracking isn’t Working / Found

USPS Tracking Not Updated: USPS offers a service called “USPS Tracking” which allow users to track their packages or mail parcels to locate them or to see what is the current delivery status. If you’re shipping through USPS then you might be aware of this service. USPS allot a unique number called “USPS Tracking Number” to each & every mail item which is shipped through USPS. This unique number is used to track the packages.

USPS Tracking works absolutely fine most of the times and shows the current status of the package, but sometimes people find that their “USPS delivery status is not updated.” Now there could be many reasons for this. We’ve listed down all the possible reasons here. Read the next section what could be the possible reason for that along with a solution.

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USPS Tracking Not Updated / Down

USPS Tracking is a way to ensure that your important package reaches their final destination. The US Postal Service give all the details such as date, time, and zip code where your package was delivered and all the updates regarding the package are given to the user.

The feature of tracking is included with almost all the USPS domestic mailing products automatically. You can visit, enter tracking number to easily track the delivery status. Tracking works most of the time, but if you’re facing any issues such as tracking is not updated or tracking is down. Then this might be due to the following reasons.

Why My USPS Tracking isn’t Updating / Found

These could be the reasons why your USPS tracking is not updating or not working or not found.

  • Barcode is not Scannable: Most often a package is not scanned because the barcode is not scannable or difficult to scan. Sometimes barcode gets smudged or torn in handling which makes it difficult to scan. If a sender is printing his own labels then make sure that the barcode is not too light or fuzzy or crimped or wrapped around a corner. Be sure your label is firmly attached and the address is clearly visible. Be sure the label is as flat as you can get it.
  • Weather Issues: Bad weather cause late delivery, if the weather conditions are not good then there is a possibility that the package gets stuck. Due to this, the tracking is not updated because the package is stuck and the updated information does not pass to the concerned person.
  • Packages aren’t scanned into the carrier’s system at intermediary stops: A package travels from one stop to another and during the delivery process, a package is scanned at multiple intermediary stops. There will be an update in your tracking each time a package gets scanned at these intermediary stops. Sometimes when the packages do not get scanned into the carrier’s system at one of the intermediary stops due to any unavoidable circumstance and USPS tracking has no update.
  • Carrier Running Behind: This could also be the reason, sometimes your mail carrier is running late. There could be any possible reason for that i.e. bad weather, too much mail load. If the mail load is too much then sometimes USPS skips scanning to deliver the mail as much early as possible.

If your package is small, that there is also a possibility that it got stuck in the empty equipment. Clerks are trained to check the bags, bins and so forth to be sure they are empty. It doesn’t happen that often.

Sometimes it becomes very frustrating when you have an important package coming up and you cannot see any updates on track. It is advised to wait for the package to arrive, and if it didn’t arrive within the expected time frame then you can visit your local post office or call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) for further assistance.

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