What can I do if my USPS mail piece hasn’t been delivered?

This is one of the most asked queries, people actually have a lot of queries related to USPS mail late delivery, here we have tried to explain everything. Make sure to read the information to understand the complete process.

You are here because your mail has not arrived yet, or it has been running late, or maybe your mail package is missing. Whatever the case is, here you will get an answer.

You need to do the following things if your USPS mail piece has not been delivered yet;

  • Firstly, check the USPS mail delivery standards
  • Check USPS tracking
  • If you mail is still delayed, then Complete a Help Request Form

Now let’s dive deeper and understand what these things mean;

Check Mail Delivery Standards

You need to first check the delivery standard for the mail class of your domestic item. For the convenience of our users, we have shared the screenshot below, please check it. Compare your mail class and progress to what is found in the Mail Delivery Standards.

Delays could happen because of weather-related and other natural disasters or events. In this case, please check USPS Service Alerts first.


Check USPS Tracking

Make sure to track your package using USPS tracking on usps.com. Enter the tracking number to track your package. You will get the tracking status from there.

If there is no status available or the information has not changed since the last time you viewed it, check back regularly as information is updated periodically throughout the day.

If USPS tracking is not helping and you have not received your mail even after the expected delivery standards then you need to Complete a Help Request Form.

Complete a Help Request Form

Before starting a missing mail search, it’s advised to complete the USPS online help request form. The link for the same is given below, use a computer to submit your form

Link: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/

USPS will forward your request to your local Post Office facility to help locate any missing items.

You can also Contact USPS concerning your mail or package. If your mailpiece is missing, then please click on the links below to read related information.

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