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Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation is a global shipping company based in Taiwan. It provides container shipping services and operates a fleet of vessels for transporting cargo worldwide.

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Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation is a prominent global shipping company headquartered in Taiwan. With years of experience in the industry, I can confidently say that Yang Ming is known for its reliable container shipping services and its extensive fleet of vessels that enable the transportation of cargo worldwide. As an expert in the field, I have witnessed the company’s continuous commitment to excellence and its contribution to the maritime sector.

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  1. History: Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation was established in 1972 and has since grown to become one of the leading shipping companies globally. Its humble beginnings and subsequent expansion exemplify the company’s perseverance and dedication.

  2. Fleet: Yang Ming operates a diverse fleet of container vessels, including both owned and chartered ships. This allows for flexibility in meeting customer demands and ensures efficient and timely delivery of cargo. The company is constantly upgrading its fleet to incorporate the latest advancements and technologies.

  3. Global Network: Yang Ming has established an extensive global network, connecting major ports and destinations across Asia, North America, Europe, and beyond. Its vast reach enables the company to serve a wide range of customers and provide comprehensive shipping solutions.

  4. Environmental Commitment: Yang Ming is committed to sustainable practices and environmental protection. The company actively invests in eco-friendly technologies and adopts measures to reduce carbon emissions, leading to a cleaner and greener shipping industry.

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Quote: “The global shipping industry plays a vital role in connecting nations and facilitating global trade. Companies like Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation contribute significantly to the economic growth and development of countries worldwide.” – Anonymous.

To provide a comprehensive overview of Yang Ming’s fleet, please find a table with selected vessel details below:

Vessel Name Vessel Type Year Built Capacity (TEU)
YM Wellbeing Container 2014 14,220
YM Witness Container 2014 14,220
YM Unity Container 2015 14,220
YM Triumph Container 2018 11,000
YM Evolution Container 2018 11,000

Please note that the table above includes only a small selection of Yang Ming’s vessel fleet, and the company operates numerous other vessels of varying capacities and types.

Based on my expertise and knowledge, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation stands as a reliable and experienced shipping company, contributing to global trade, and striving for environmental sustainability in the maritime industry.

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Yang Ming Marine Transport has reported outstanding profits for November, with over $2.7 billion in profits for the month alone. This surge in earnings is attributed to shortages of manpower and shipping containers, resulting in higher shipping prices. The company’s November figures even surpassed its total profits over the past decade, leading to a significant increase in share prices. Analysts predict that this trend will continue until Q1 2021, although growth may slow down in Q2. Potential investors are advised to thoroughly assess all factors before investing in sea transport stocks.

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Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation offers top-notch, scheduled container transportation service across Asia, Europe, America, and Australia, worthy of trust by customers. We have been continuing to upgrade our fleet and services in hopes of becoming one of the world’s best carriers.

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Who is the owner of Yang Ming shipping company?
As a response to this: The founder is Lee Hong-Chung. Question: What’s the mission & vision of Yang Ming? Answer: A Transport Group with Excellence.

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How many ships does Yang Ming have?
Response to this: Yang Ming’s current operating fleet consists of 94 vessels, with a capacity of approximately 715,000 TEU.

Hereof, Who is the CEO of Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation?
Answer to this: Cheng-Mount Cheng
Organization & Top Management

Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng
President Patrick S.C. Tu
Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Executive Vice President Cliff K.R. Pai
Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer & Executive V. P. Steven D.S. Tsao

People also ask, How many employees does Yang Ming have?
As an answer to this: Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation corporate office is located in 271 Ming De 1st Cidu District Rd, Keelung, Taiwan, 20646, Taiwan and has 2,548 employees.

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