Asked by you: how do I choose a post office that accepts general delivery?

To choose a post office that accepts general delivery, check the official website or contact the local post office in your area to inquire if they offer general delivery services. They will provide you with the necessary information and instructions for receiving your mail or packages.

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Choosing a post office that accepts general delivery can be a convenient option for those who do not have a permanent mailing address or are frequently on the move. To ensure you select the right post office, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Check the official website: Start by visiting the official website of the postal service in your country. Most postal services provide information on post offices that offer general delivery services. Look for a search tool or directory where you can find specific post offices that accept general delivery in your area.

For example, in the United States, you can visit the official website of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and use their “Find USPS Locations” tool. Enter your location details, select the “General Delivery” option, and the tool will display a list of post offices near you that offer general delivery services.

  1. Contact the local post office: If the official website does not provide enough information or if you have specific questions, it is always a good idea to contact the local post office directly. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding general delivery services in their location.

You can call the post office or visit in person to inquire about general delivery. Inform them about your needs and ask if they offer this service. The post office staff will assist you by providing the necessary information and instructions for receiving your mail or packages through general delivery.

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Based on my practical knowledge, I can share a quote from the USPS spokesperson regarding general delivery services:

“General delivery is a service designed to accommodate customers without a permanent address or those who are unable to receive mail at their residential or business address. It allows individuals to pick up their mail at a designated post office location by listing ‘General Delivery’ as the address, along with the city, state, and ZIP code.”

Interesting Facts:

  1. General delivery services have been available for many years and were originally established to cater to travelers, transients, and individuals without a fixed mailing address.

  2. General delivery mail is held at the designated post office for a certain period, typically up to 30 days, allowing recipients enough time to collect their mail.

  3. Not all post offices offer general delivery services. It is essential to confirm availability with the specific post office you plan to use.


Here is a table showcasing a list of some well-known postal services and their official websites:

Postal Service Official Website
United States Postal Service (USPS)
Royal Mail (United Kingdom)
Canada Post
La Poste (France)
Deutsche Post (Germany)

Remember to check the official website of the postal service in your country for accurate information on general delivery services.

In conclusion, to choose a post office that accepts general delivery, it is advisable to check the official website of the postal service or contact the local post office directly. Following these steps will help you find the most suitable post office for your general delivery needs. Remember to provide accurate and complete information to ensure smooth mail or package pickup.

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The video discusses USPS General Delivery and why RVers love it. General Delivery allows RVers to ship packages to post offices and pick them up later. It is beneficial for RVers who are camping off the grid and don’t have a central mail receiving area. However, not all post offices offer this service, so it’s essential to research and call ahead to ensure they accept general delivery packages. Other important factors to consider are the length of time the package will be held, size restrictions, and whether the retailer will ship through USPS. The video also suggests checking out their list of the 50 best free campsites in America, where RVers can utilize general delivery.

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To find the Post Office that handles General Delivery in any area, call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) and request “Customer Service.” You can also obtain the proper General Delivery address information at any Post Office, or by using the ZIP Code lookup tool on the USPS website.

How Does General Delivery Work? The short answer to this question is this: have the mail you wish to receive addressed to Your Name General Delivery City, State Zipcode (of the post office where you will be) Give it a few days to arrive, then check in regularly until it’s ready for you to pick up!

This is the easiest part of using this service. All you have to do is have people who want to get a hold of you is: 1. place your name on the envelope 2. put the words general delivery underneath your name 3. place the city and state on the next line 4 put the zip code *****-9999 on the line following 5. then mail the letter

To use USPS general delivery, all you need to do is have the mail you wish to receive follow this format:

  • Your Name
  • General Delivery

How to Get Mail on the Road using USPS General Delivery

  • Step 1: Pick a Location Determine how long it will take to receive the mail. Each situation is different; it can be anywhere from two days to two weeks.

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How do I set up general delivery USPS?

As a response to this: No application is required for General Delivery. Persons interested in General Delivery should speak with the postmaster. Limitations on the amount of time you are able to use General Delivery, if any, are determined by the postmaster.

Can I have something shipped to the post office instead of my house?

Response to this: Yes – you (the addressee) have the option to send your eligible package to a different address or to a Post Office™ for pickup, but there is a postage fee.

Can anyone use USPS general delivery?

The reply will be: Can Anyone Use The General Delivery Service? Yes, anyone can use the General Delivery service, but you are only allowed to use the service for thirty days at one location. After this time, you need to move to a new area and begin collecting your mail from a different post office.

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How do I know which Post Office my package will go to?

You can use these steps:

  • Look for the USPS tracking data for a package.
  • Enter the tracking number into the box.
  • Select the USPS option when choosing a carrier.
  • Click the Track My Package button.

Does a post office collect general delivery mail?

Response: Unfortunately for those who wish to use this service, theydo not list specific post offices that collect the general delivery mail. According to their website and we quote “Currently, general delivery service is available at only one facility when under the administration of a multifacility Post Office.

Do you really need a USPS delivery service?

Some full-timers really need this service. One official website said that the USPS website would have this information. Unfortunately for those who wish to use this service, they do not list specific post offices that collect the general delivery mail.

How do I send a mail using the general delivery service?

If you want to send something using the General Delivery service, you will need to address the mail as follows: Do include the 9999 following the zipcode. Note that you do not have to use uppercase for the phrase “general delivery,” but this format is preferred as it eliminates confusion and makes the instruction clearer.

Can I get my mail from a local post office?

Answer: If, however, you do need to be able to get your mail while you’re on the go, you may find that it’s best to use the General Delivery service, since this will let you collect your mail from a nearby participating post office, no matter where you are.

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